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  1. Stable Value Data & Reporting

    Learn how Hueler Analytics can put the power of the most reputable data and reporting in your hands.

  2. “We look to the Hueler Universe as the most comprehensive stable value universe available…The data provided by Hueler allows us to more efficiently formulate our ongoing investment strategy” –Institutional Money Manager.

  3. “…We use the Hueler Universe, both for separate accounts and pooled funds, to provide plan sponsors and consultants with a more meaningful measure of our stable value fund performance versus our peers” –Institutional Money Manager.

  4. Income Solutions® Annuity Platform

    Are you looking for a guaranteed lifetime income option? Learn more about our ground-breaking annuity platform.

Hueler Companies provides two primary services to the defined contribution market: the Hueler Analytics Stable Value Fund Comparative Universe and the Hueler Income Solutions® Lifetime Income Annuity Platform. Hueler Analytics Stable Value Comparative Universe and Index reporting was introduced in 1989 and has since become the established gold standard for due diligence and fiduciary evaluation of stable value investment funds. The organization’s excellent reputation among key industry leaders has facilitated the development of critically important systems for transparent stable value reporting designed to meet a variety of needs across market segments, including; advisors, investment managers, product providers, plan fiduciaries, and consultants.

Hueler Analytics

Stable Value Indices & Comparative Market Data

Hueler Analytics first made our stable value data available to the marketplace in 1989. Today, Hueler is recognized as the “Industry Standard” for data on stable value funds. The Hueler Analytics Stable Value Universe includes broad coverage of data for both stable value pooled funds and insurance company sponsored products. The data collected is extensive and serves as a valuable resource to issuers, consultants, managers, and plan sponsors.

A subscription to Hueler Analytics offers the following key benefits:

  • Independent research and continued efforts to improve transparency through standardized reporting
  • Allows fiduciaries and consultants to spot trends, track portfolio changes, and make informed decisions
  • Provides access to a broad pool of data that is timely, presented in a historical context, and aggregated for comparative analysis
  • Assists with research, product selection, and ongoing oversight of stable value funds
  • Data is thoroughly vetted and verified allowing for proper due diligence to be performed