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About Hueler Companies

Hueler Companies, Inc. and its affiliates* (together, the Hueler Companies) is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1987 as an independent data and research firm providing reporting and systems designed for the annuity and stable value marketplace. Today the firm’s data, market research, and analytical reporting are considered the industry standard.

Hueler provides two primary services to the defined contribution market: the Hueler Analytics Stable Value
Fund Comparative Universe and the Hueler Income Solutions® Lifetime Income Annuity Platform. Hueler Analytics Stable Value Comparative Universe and Index reporting was introduced in 1989 and has since become the established gold standard for due diligence and fiduciary evaluation of stable value investment funds. The organization’s excellent reputation among key industry leaders has facilitated the development of critically important systems for transparent stable value reporting designed to meet a variety of needs across market segments, including; advisors, investment managers, product providers, plan fiduciaries, and consultants.

In 2018, Hueler Analytics launched Stable Value Compass, an exciting new online due diligence tool designed for discerning fiduciary advisors. Hueler’s new tool combines its highly reputable stable value data with easy to use technology for reliable analysis and client ready reporting.

Stable Value Compass provides fiduciaries, advisors, and consultants the capability to seamlessly compare multiple pooled funds and insurance company sponsored products across key standardized data elements. This new tool enables advisors to conduct prudent analysis and make sound recommendations with Hueler’s trusted historical stable value data as the foundation.

For the past 30 years, fiduciaries and investment professionals across all market segments have relied on Hueler Analytics Stable Value data for accurate, detailed, and comprehensive analysis. The data provides broad market coverage of stable value alternatives including stable value pooled funds, insurance company separate accounts, and general account products. “Hueler is the trusted go-to source for fiduciaries and we now have a dynamic new tool for enhanced streamlined analysis and reporting. Stable Value Compass combines our unsurpassed reputation for excellence in data collection and reporting with robust technology capabilities,” says Kelli Hueler, Founder and CEO of Hueler Companies.

The comprehensive comparative data and systems provide customers with timesaving communication tools and market reports that provide valuable insights into all facets of the stable value marketplace. Investment professionals, industry leaders, and media representatives rely on Hueler’s data to analyze performance characteristics, product structures, portfolio management strategies, sales activity by contract types and volume, and 401(k) trends.

In 2004, Hueler Investment Services, Inc. launched Income Solutions®, a first to market, ground breaking automated annuity purchase platform. The Income Solutions® program was created specifically for “Transitioning Investors” (both active employees and retirees) who have reached a point in their lives where they want or need to convert a portion of their "nest egg" or retirement assets into a reliable income stream. The program has been widely adopted by some of the industry’s largest financial services firms, plan administrators, and plan sponsors.

Product Evolution of the Hueler Companies

2013 Hueler Investment Services, Inc. — Income Solutions® Expands Offering

Hueler Investment Services, Inc. expands the offerings available on the Income Solutions® platform to include Deferred Income Annuities (DIA) and Longevity Insurance. Deferred Income Annuities allow individuals to remove certain risks from their retirement plan by guaranteeing a future stream of lifetime income that is not subject to market volatility. Longevity Insurance offers participants a way to extend their retirement resources to cover the possibility of living to a very old age. This expanded offering was created in response to a significant demand in the marketplace for products that meet the needs of individuals looking to secure income starting at a future date.

2003 Hueler Investment Services, Inc. — Income Solutions® (U.S. Patent 7,653,560)

Income Solutions® is a web-based income annuity purchase system originally designed as an IRA rollover option that allows individuals to purchase institutionally priced annuities with their rollover IRA assets. Over time the system evolved to allow individuals to purchase institutionally priced annuities with both Qualified (before-tax) and Non-Qualified (after-tax) assets. The Income Solutions® program was created specifically for “Transitioning Investors” (both active employees and retirees) who have reached a point in their lives where they want or need to convert a portion of their "nest egg" or retirement assets into a reliable income stream.

Hueler is licensed as a resident Life/Health insurance agent in Minnesota and is licensed as non-resident Life/Health insurance agent, broker or producer in all states. Hueler’s license authority in every state includes the authority to act as an insurance agent, broker or producer of annuities.

2001 Hueler Companies, Inc. — Illustrative GIC Index & RateWatch section

RateWatch is an online posting page for insurance companies to post illustrative stable value rates. Historical statistics are stored and available for download to institutional money managers and insurance companies via Illustrative GIC Index.

2000 Hueler Companies, Inc. — E-BID

E-BID was the industry’s first and only online turnaround bid-response system offered to stable value managers and insurance companies. Managers had the ability to create custom bid requests with automated notification to insurance companies of their choice. All insurance companies' responses were automatically displayed in a custom grid format. Managers could simply click on the bid of their choice and an immediate automated notification of acceptance was provided to the winning insurance company. The E-BID technology was adapted for the Income Solutions® program.

1999 Hueler Companies, Inc. — "FIRSTSource" Market Data

“FIRSTSource” was the first relevant pool of aggregate industry data on stable value separate accounts. The reports provided managers and insurance companies with the most comprehensive market data ever available for stable value investment professionals. Data encompassed approximately 300 plans and was compiled from ten of the largest stable value investment management firms and several independent plan sponsors representing over $300 billion in plan assets.

1996 Hueler Companies, Inc. — TRACE System Software

Hueler Companies developed TRACE, a web-based software communication system for buyers (portfolio managers) and sellers (insurance companies and banks) of stable value investment products. The TRACE database contained over $300 billion in individual plan assets in a standardized format allowing for efficient reporting on aggregate industry statistics. TRACE was a revolutionary communication tool and comprehensive database system designed to facilitate the electronic transfer of plan data between buyers and sellers in a standardized format reducing cumbersome administrative tasks.

1989 Hueler Analytics, Inc.

The Hueler Analytics Stable Value Pooled Fund Comparative Universe, first made available to the marketplace in 1989, is recognized today as the industry standard, monitoring over $105 billion in pooled fund assets. The Universe is a customized database and portfolio evaluation system for collective trust funds investing in stable value instruments. Subscribers to the Universe include fund managers, plan sponsors, insurance companies, banks and consultants. While each subscriber may have a different interest or focus, they all benefit from comparative analysis performed by an independent third party.

1987 K.H. Hueler Inc.

K.H. Hueler Inc. provides GIC/Stable Value consulting services to a select group of plan sponsors. The services include portfolio review and evaluation, contract negotiation and placement, alternative product review, contract renegotiation and individual annuity placements.

* Affiliates include K.H. Hueler, Inc., Hueler Analytics, Inc. and Hueler Investment Services, Inc.